Why You Should Consider a B2B Platform to Expand the Area of Your Business in the MENA Region

Your customer, dealers, or distributors always expect to make a business deal and transaction digitally. Because of the Covid 19 crisis, this demand becomes much more vital for the safety issue. Business people want to do product research and purchase digitally and quickly without having any human interaction. They prefer to get all the key information and support through their choice of device.

Buyers want to gain knowledge and insight through sharing information from different groups, forums, channels, etc. On the other hand, suppliers want to give them easy access to key information and negotiate deals to facilitate business trading needs.

But it isn’t easy to find the right B2B portal that works for you, and it will be easy to integrate with your customers. As there are plenty of B2B portals out there, you need to think about the pricing model, trading process, payment method, reliability, etc.

Here I am going to write about a trending B2B portal that has recently become famous in the MENA region.

Tradeling.com, one of the fastest-growing UAE online platforms, provides a disruptive marketplace that explicitly focuses on business-to-business (B2B) transactions in the MENA region.

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They not only allow you to connect with B2B buyers and sellers but provides a full spectrum of various innovative business functionalities to fulfill all of your business trading needs.

  1. Free membership
  2. 24,000+ Requests for Quotes
  3. 20,000+ verified buyers
  4. Secure transactions and multiple payment methods.
  5. Negotiation of price with the potential buyers
  6. Regular product update to improve sales
  1. 27,000+ Products from 50+ origins
  2. 350+ Verified Sellers
  3. Secure transactions and multiple payment gateways.
  4. Competitive wholesale prices
  5. Special offers and discounts.

Finally, whatever your business, there is no other alternative without joining any B2B portal for getting a full range of digital functionalities to fulfill all buyer’s and seller’s business trading needs quickly and efficiently.

Written by

Marketing consultant and Chief executive at SK Online Marketing

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