What Should You Look at While Choosing a B2B Portal?

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Whether you are a wholesale buyer or supplier, you already know the importance of a reliable B2B portal. So, how can you ensure that your chosen B2B portal will work for you?

The first important thing to look at is its flexibility. You should be capable of creating multiple catalogs where you can present to various sectors of your buyer base so that they don’t need to scroll up to the end of the page of a product that doesn’t interest them. Having a multi-product view is also important where buyers can see everything, and they can make a cart according to their choice.

You should also expect your chosen portal should be responsive. They usually offer many most convenient payment methods for their buyers, including escrow, credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc where suppliers also get similar facilities for getting paid without any hassle.

Integration is another key point to look at while choosing a B2B portal. As we have discussed, having your B2 portal connected with your existing software can help you stay in the leading position of business forever. Your portal should have good integration capabilities with your product management software, so you can always see the number of products you have on hand. Besides, if your portal is integrated with your accounting software, your system will automatically update your transaction and track regular sales.

The most crucial aspect of your trading is payments. After all, you can not run your business without having orders. Your chosen portal should be capable of handling complex pricing models which are accepted all types of customers regardless of their location, number of orders, frequency of orders, or other factors. You should be capable of promoting ads and discounts, setting a minimum order value, and offering flexible payment options.

Finally, make sure the flexibility of your chosen B2B portal. Your customers need to create their own profiles for accessing previous orders and maintaining payment information. They can also navigate the site and place an order intuitively, and if they ever have any questions, customer support should be available all the time. Keeping your customers happy will help your business prosper beyond anything you could imagine.

So you have to choose such a B2B portal that will provide a full range of digital functionalities to fulfill all buyer’s and seller’s business trading needs without any hassle with complete security.

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