Top 5 Trending Platforms for B2B Buyers and Sellers at 2020

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B2B online portals are becoming common grounds for businesses to engage in transactions and services. Therefore, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

However, when one looks for reliable and credible B2B portals, it is also essential to consider their market trends. For example, Amazon has been the most extended participant in the B2B platforms, and they are in the spotlight for a long time. That being said, there are other platforms like Tradeling. They are offering a variety in this trade and are rapidly growing to compete against giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Hence, I will highlight the big ones and only some promising ones that become trending in recent days asbest B2B online portals.


Tradeling is one of the newer but fastest-growing B2B portals in the run. Their primary focus is to reduce the hassle of eMarketplace. At the same time, they offer reliability and security to all their services. Their focus is efficiency in the terms: “Making B2B trading simpler, faster and more secure.” For your further information, this portal has been performing excellently during the pandemic situation and providing special offers and exclusive deals for the new entrepreneurs to do business out there.


They are obviously and by far the largest B2B portals out there. The reason behind their success is the large number of verified international businesses putting their product online. This created trust between the organizations and the customers is still one of their core strengths. Amazon gives its customers a wide range of products to choose from nationally and internationally, creating a marketplace with positive competition between the companies.


Unlike Amazon’s customer orientation, Alibaba prioritizes wholesale marketing. Alibaba is now the most significant online marketplace surpassing eBay and Amazon. Originating in China, it now spans over multiple countries over multiple services such as AliExpress, Alipay, and Alibaba international.


With a broad customer base in India, IndiaMART quickly rose into popularity among the locals and is currently a reliable and demanded eMarketplace.


Since it is hard to compete against big organizations in eMarketplaces, eWorldTrade originated in Pakistan has helped many small to medium-sized businesses find its place in this vast eMarketing world.

The above-mentioned B2B portals worldwide are the most popular and trending that help create a connection between buyers and sellers. So, they are making a revolution in the wholesale industry by expanding business opportunities for the new entrepreneurs as well as for the customers.

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