How To Choose The Right B2B eCommerce Portal for TheWholesaler

Whether you are an existing online sales expert or just starting your new wholesale business, you already can realize what a reliable B2B portal can make. So, how can you ensure that your chosen B2B portal will make a positive impact on your business?

Here are some of the critical features that your chosen B2B portal should have:

The flexibility of Use

The first important thing is to notice its flexibility of use. You should be capable of creating multiple catalogs from where potential buyers do not require to scroll up end up of the page of your items on which they do not have an interest. It will also provide the facility of multi-viewing options where buyers can create carts according to their choice.


You should also consider your portal’s responsiveness: user-friendliness, good design, consistent updates, better analytics and tracking, easy accessibility, and available payments, etc., are the common things that will ensure the effectiveness of using any B2B portal.

Customer Registration

It is not necessary to register while buying from a retail eCommerce site. But it is mandatory to have an option for both buyers and sellers to register at a reliable B2B portal. Registered members should be capable of access to custom prices, products, and the terms already they have with you. Whenever customers log in at the portal, they should see the product, prices, order tracking information, etc.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The portal should have all the convenient ways to pay for goods. Like escrow, credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and other international payment gateways should be available for the payment.

These are the most crucial and common features that all the B2B portals should have. You have to choose such a B2B portal that provides a full range of digital functionalities to make effective business deals without any hassle.

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