Different Types of Wholesalers in The Industry Distribution Channel

In many ways, products go from manufacturers to retailers. Even wholesalers do not use the same market. Understanding industry distribution channels and supply can help them find the right wholesale supplier for their retail or online businesses.

Here is the list of different types of wholesalers:

Manufacturer: For some products, buyers can buy directly from the manufacturers. For example, a different type of boutique stores generally buys their items now from the manufacturers.

Importer: A business might have the right to import and distribute a product in a particular country. Some may sell items directly to the retailers, where others sell to a smaller local wholesaler.

Regional Distributor: Regional wholesale suppliers usually take delivery of big lots and sell them to local wholesalers, who sell those items to the local retailers.

Jobbers: Jobber An installer/retail shop purchases manufacturer goods at wholesale prices and sells those products to consumers at retail prices. They are also often referred to as retailers.

When you first start as a buyer, you can buy products from small wholesalers from the reliable B2B portal to get competitive prices. As your volume increases, automatically, pricing will decrease or move up the supply ladder to a bigger wholesaler.

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Marketing consultant and Chief executive at SK Online Marketing

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