David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy.com is regarded as one of the best options traders in the world.

He has taught over 1,500 students and has received many positive reviews.

Investors usually look to the stock market for the best investment opportunity.

But prior to investing in any asset class (stock market, real estate, etc.) it’s important for investors to educate themselves and learn what’s best for them.

In my opinion, options trading represents the best asset class and the best investment opportunity.

And the best options trading strategy is to sell option premium.

When you learn from a legitimate mentor, like David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy, you can easily learn how to make ~35%+ every year while minimizing your risk.

I took David Jaffee’s Options Trading Education Course and am a member of his trade alerts, and I am up 43% (including 2020’s March stock market correction) with a 97% win rate on my trades.

Who is David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy and is he legit?

David Jaffee used to work as a Wall Street investment banker, he is worth $60+ million and is one of the best options traders in the world.

He has also taught over 1,000 students how to trade profitably.

David Jaffee is a graduate of Cornell University, and a former Wall Street investment banker. He is also one of the best stock options traders and stock market coaches in the world.

Why is David Jaffee and the BestStockStrategy trading strategy unique?

David Jaffee keeps things simple. Simplicity is genius, especially when BestStockStrategy’s trading results far exceed everyone else.

For example, Option Alpha and Tastytrade recommend selling iron condors and “trading often.”

The problem with this strategy is the call side will get tested frequently, and the premium that’s collected will not compensate for the trading losses on the put side.

Additionally, Tastytrade recommends that its followers, “roll up the untested side,” meaning that they encourage their followers to roll up the untested puts during trading periods of contracting volatility.

This oftentimes causes massive losses during even the smallest market correction.

Option Alpha, and Kirk Du Plessis, were caught using fake reviews while also copying their trading strategy from Tastytrade.

I have read numerous complaints that option traders who follow Tastytrade and Option Alpha are prone to heavy losses during periods of volatility expansion.

Tastytrade has amazing research, specifically their Market Measures segment, however this doesn’t compensate for large losses their followers sustain.

Tastytrade’s integrity is compromised by its affiliation with their Tastyworks options trading brokerage.

Tastyworks also charges its customers for every option traded; as a result, the more frequent their customers trade, the more money Tastyworks, Tom Sosnoff and Tastytrade make.

In comparison, David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy encourages his students to be patience and disciplined so that they maximize their profits while reducing risk.

David Jaffee’s students maintain a watchlist of the largest, and most liquid, 10–15 companies in the world. Once those companies trade at the low end of their recent trading range, David Jaffee encourages his subscribers to sell an out-of-the-money (“OTM”) put option that’s 10% — 15% below the current market price.

Because the market has a bullish bias, the majority of David Jaffee’s trades are short puts (both naked and credit spreads).

During a sideways or bear market, David Jaffee encourages his followers to sell call options (both naked and vertical credit spreads).

During trading periods with low volatility (when the VIX is below 20), David Jaffee will usually trade credit spreads.

When the VIX is trading over 20, David Jaffee will typically begin selling naked options to maximize the premium received.

The most important factor in being a profitable options trader is knowing when NOT to trade.

Option Alpha and Tastytrade tend to trade too often, as a result, their students will likely lose money.

In contrast, David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy.com only trades 1x — 2x per week.

Learning to trade options with David Jaffee

If you’d like to learn from the world’s best options trading coach, then you’re welcome to enroll here: Beststockstrategy

No prior trading experience is necessary and students typically learn how to trade within ~2 weeks.

David Jaffee offers live trade alerts ($19 for 7 days, then $349 / month) and his Options Trading Education Course is $1,849.

Options trading students can make all their trades from a smartphone.

The daily commitment is usually about 20-minutes a day, which is not a lot of time for investment returns of 35%+ every year.

The live trade alerts are sent via WhatsApp.

I highly recommend joining the Whatsapp group because you will receive David Jaffee’s actual trades.

I started with an account of $7,000 and was able to pay for the course with my trading profits within a few months.

I plan on continuing with the trade alerts for a few more months and then trading independently!

Options Trading with David Jaffee as an investment

Options trading provides substantially more liquidity than real estate.

The potential returns are also substantially higher (about 10x more).

Additionally, you’re able to reduce your investment risk because David Jaffee encourages his students to trade credit spreads.

Credit spreads protect against large market crashes like we experienced in March 2020.

As I’ve mentioned, I purchased David Jaffee’s course and have enrolled in his live trade alerts and he is definitely the best options trading coach that is available.

I have worked with other stock market coaches and they were very disappointing.

David Jaffee is the only stock market coach that has exceeded my expectations.



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