Burning calories & staying fit doesn’t require an expensive gym membership. Instead it mostly depends on one’s dedication towards staying fit. Some people neglect their health because of a regular work schedule but with some commitment and motivation, you can maintain your physical fitness.

If you are interested to boost up your health and stay fit every day, then follow the habits mentioned below:

  • Daily Exercise: Exercise daily for at least one hour, can be at home or gym. If you are overweight and want to shed some pounds then fast, then do a higher-level intensity workout.
  • Start jogging and…

The software development industry is growing exponentially. The demand of consumers is increasing in the same manner. Since Covid hit, everyone is more active online rather than offline. The competition to be ahead of the game is rising as ever. In the meantime, whether you’re handling a software development startup or a software developer yourself, it’s crucial to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. That’s what drove me as a technology conscious person to inform you of the top 5 latest software development trends in 2021.

1.Continuous Integration + Continuous Development (CI/CD)

Software development used to be a lengthy and tedious process earlier. But over…

Imagine you are battling in a war. You are the commander. You have your soldiers, machine guns, pistols, grenades, ships, submarines, vehicles to run on the ground as well as on the airway, and so on. All the equipment and the infrastructure you have to fight a battle with the opponent, are counted as a war stack. Remember, the more updated and scalable your weapons and equipment are, it will keep you one step ahead in the war than your opponents. …

No matter if you are spending more money on your daily needs or even unnecessarily, you need to know that anyone can start saving money. Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is getting started. You can automate your income to identify and maximize revenue streams. There are plenty of practices to save money and minimize your budget to have a debt-free living.

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Here are some of the money-saving tips that can bring fresh air into your budget -

1.Record your expenses: The first step to starting saving money is to figure out how much you spend. Keep track of…

It can be a daunting proposition for small and medium-sized businesses to expand into a foreign market instantly. In any business market, as the demand for products increases, so does the need for distributors. To become a successful distributor, the first step is to build a good relationship with the retailer you would like to deal with.

There are also varieties of ways that a company can become a supplier for other enterprises and clients. Some B2B portals are now very active in helping buyers and suppliers start their business from anywhere of the globe. One such platform that has…

There are numerous software development companies available. In fact, you will find tons of qualified companies to serve your needs. But when it comes to a budget and some of your unique requirements, it becomes tricky to choose the best one that fits your criteria. How about considering some of the common attributes that will help you identify the best software outsourcing company you are looking for? Let’s check them out.

Why do you need a software outsourcing company?

You know it better. Still, you need to exactly figure out your business goals and make a list of the services you need assistance with. Each company is dedicated…

Are you struggling to find the best solution to architect your SaaS application — in single-tenant or multi-tenant architecture?

Bade goodbye to that confusion. Cause I am here to help you out from this restless situation. First, let me give you a brief look at both multi-tenant and single-tenant single-tenant architecture.

You might be wondering why the world’s tech giants are adopting multi-tenant architecture to run their businesses. Well, the multi-tenant architecture creates a higher chance of ROI, enables them to cut off their investment cost dramatically, serves multiple customers simultaneously, and maintains their whole system without much complexity.


Nowadays, multi-tenancy is a burning issue in the Kubernetes world. It is a tough nut to crack in respect of Kubernetes. A survey conducted regarding it showed that 74% of respondents mentioned separate cluster usage for special teams and projects. The reason behind it is the security isolation challenges coming with multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters. Sit tight; in this post, we will review the conceptions of Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy and multi-tenants and identify the possible challenges that you need to cope with.

What is a Kubernetes Tenancy?

The Kubernetes Tenant indicates a tenant representing a bunch of Kubernetes users having access to a branch of group resources…

While identifying a new supplier, most buyers mainly focus on the best price. Just targeting low cost can impact you in the long term. Decreasing the product’s price won’t help if the quality is below standard, and you do not receive the product on time. One more issue arises when it gets quite difficult finding the right vendor at the right time.

So, searching for a perfect supplier is the first step in identifying quality suppliers. …

In many ways, products go from manufacturers to retailers. Even wholesalers do not use the same market. Understanding industry distribution channels and supply can help them find the right wholesale supplier for their retail or online businesses.

Here is the list of different types of wholesalers:

Manufacturer: For some products, buyers can buy directly from the manufacturers. For example, a different type of boutique stores generally buys their items now from the manufacturers.

Importer: A business might have the right to import and distribute a product in a particular country. …

Maruf Hossain

Marketing consultant and Chief executive at SK Online Marketing

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